Betonivuori Oy (Ltd)

Betonivuori Oy is a Finnish concrete pumping and transporting company that was found on 2006. We are young and dynamic company combined with many years experience in concrete business. We do different types of concrete casts starting from small, few cubic meter stair casts to demanding industrial horizontal and vertical concrete castings including different concrete floor installing. Among our customers are private homeowners as well as large construction companies. We have the best experts of one’s branch as our co-operation companies.

Our customers’ satisfaction is a matter of honor for Betonivuori Oy and we want to be worth of their trust. We give the guarantee to our work. Betonivuori Oy is aiming to be the best in concrete pumping branch and we are working every day to achieve that by developing our procedures and learning new things. We are proud of our skilled employees since they redeem the promises that are given to our customers.

Betonivuori Oy has 28-32 meter CIFA truck mixer pumps and 39-47 meter CIFA truck mounted pumps. We are very satisfied for our Cifa products and extra spice gives the knowledge that Cifa is using Finnish steel for some parts in its machines. With mixer pumps we manage to pump the concrete into the challenging old town penthouse apartments as well as other further located targets. And the truck mounted pumps, which are made of Carbotech, are the perfect solution for higher pumping speed demanding constructions.

Betonivuori Oy belong to the Finnish –program and we are a member of The Association for Finnish Work and one of it’s Key Flag company.